Possum and the Peeper

Possum and the Peeper
By Anne Hunter
Hunter, A. 1998. Possum and the peeper. NY: Houghton Mifflin.

There is a peeping that awakens Possum from his sleep, but who could it be? It’s not the catbirds in the tree above his hole, so who is it? The catbirds accompany the Possum on an adventure to figure out who is making that peeping sound. Along the way he is joined by other animals who have been disturbed by the peeping. Finally they find the source of the racket: a tiny little frog who just wants everyone to wake up because it is spring time. At first they are mad for being woken up, but as they look around they realize that while trying to find the peeper, they have taken a beautiful spring walk.

Quantitative Summary:
ATOS Book Level: 2.7
Interest Level: Lower Grades (LG K-3)

Qualitative Summary:

This book is a sweet story that imparts the message that it’s important to look around and not take the world around you for granted. These animals are disturbed by the loud peeping of this little frog, but in their journey together to find the source of their annoyance, they are taken on a lovely spring walk. The book has a very simple narrative, with minimal characters and very few words on each page. It would lend itself to being read aloud very well.

Curriculum Tie Ins:


English/Language Arts

1.0   General Reading Processes: Comprehension: Students will use a variety of strategies to understand what they read (construct meaning).


1. Develop comprehension skills through exposure to a variety of print and nonprint texts, including traditional print and electronic texts

a. Listen to critically, read, and discuss texts representing diversity in content, culture, authorship, and perspective, including areas such as race, gender, disability, religion, and socioeconomic background

b. *Read a minimum of 25 self-selected and/or assigned books or book equivalents representing various genres

c. Discuss reactions to and ideas/information gained from reading experiences with adults and peers in both formal and informal situations

3.0 Comprehension of Literary Text: Students will read, comprehend, interpret, analyze, and evaluate literary text.


Author’s website: http://www.annehunterstudio.com


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